A little bit about our approach…

Our belief is that the most powerful tools to heal your skin exist within your own body. And this isn’t just some feel-good philosophy, it’s based in science! Through our research, we’ve found that botanically active ingredients and methods that promote your body’s own self-healing mechanisms deliver incredibly consistent results. So... your body can do it, and it’s our job at SkinCraft to give you the treatments, products, and knowledge that you need to make it happen! Join us for a radically natural and healthy experience in skin renewal.


Meet Our Founders…

Master Esthetician

I want to change the way you think about your skin forever. I want you to feel more beautiful than you ever have in your entire life, and to know that all of the secrets to this divine beauty are hidden inside your very own skin. We will unlock them— Let me teach you how.

When I was a teenager, my family and I moved to Orange County California, a state known for its place atop the beauty industry. So, as I moved through life, it was only natural that I would become familiar with all things beauty. As I studied more and more— probing deeper and deeper into the secrets of the industry— I began to realize something quite amazing: many of the same effects that us women get by spending tons of money and applying makeup every single day, can actually be achieved in a healthy, natural, and wholistic way— through proper skin care. It was a revelation! What’s more, I discovered that achieving this kind of beauty through natural skin therapy was a much more permanent solution than applying extra makeup every day, and people were actually starting to feel really good about themselves when they did it!

With this life-changing realization, I developed a new passion and committed myself enthusiastically to being an esthetician. I did my research, consuming all of the skin care knowleage I could, from wherever I could find it. I got my Masters License, studied at a medical spa, and got some experience under my belt, before eventually setting forth to change the world (open up my own Spa 🙂). My mission was simple: to transform the way that people feel about their skin, and the confidence that they have in the beauty and healing power of their own bodies.

Merienne [pictured above] is on a mission to change the way people think about skin care

Merienne [pictured above] is on a mission to change the way people think about skin care


Client Experience

It's about way more than facials— it’s about people. It’s about healing, and taking control of your skin, and feeling beautiful.
It’s about way more than dollars and cents— This is incredibly personal for us.

Each of my first jobs during college and after graduation were in customer service. And all of the things I have done best in life have involved mentoring or teaching on some level. It is in my heart to help people. Upon moving into consulting and sales, I brought this passion to take care of people into a new field where it is less commonly found. Even in sales, I was the recipient of several awards including Top Manager/Consultant and a Core Value award for integrity.

It has always been my mission to prove that success can and should come by putting value and clients first. From the very beginning, it was obvious that my consultative philosophy aligned seamlessly with Merienne’s vision for natural skincare. I set forth to design a process where guests would have a more immersive experience than ever— getting the personally-tailored facials that they deserved, while being educated through opportunity to share in Merienne’s extensive knowledge of the skin. SkinCraft was born! With the goal of changing the way that people think about skincare through self-empowerment. Merienne always said that creating quality for clients was in my DNA, and now my fingerprints can be found on every part of the transformative SkinCraft experience. My hope is that the transformative experience remains, even long after I have gone.

a people-first PHILOSOPHY has always been at the core of everything Garrett Ashe [pictured above] has tried to build

a people-first PHILOSOPHY has always been at the core of everything Garrett Ashe [pictured above] has tried to build