Also known as the non invasive face lift. This treatment uses gentle microcurrent to lift and tone facial muscles, giving your facial features a natural lift. Lifting and firming peptides are nano infused into the skin. A serum infused mask and LED light therapy is added to firm, lift and tighten skin.

Skin Concerns: Facial muscle sagging, drooping eye area


This gentle exfoliating treatment uses a diamond tip wand to slough off dull skin to reveal fresh, glowing skin. A specialized serum, high frequency, custom mask and LED light therapy is added to promote collagen production and give your skin the glow you’re looking for.

Skin Concerns: Dull Skin



This tightening treatment focuses on lifting and tightening the neck area. Gentle microcurrent is used on the neck and jaw area to define and contour these areas. A 24k gold peel off mask and LED light therapy is applied to encourage collagen production

Skin Concerns: Sagging neck and chin, jowls, undefined jawline, aging neck line, fine lines


Ideal for those prepping for a special occasion. Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation that uses a scalpel like blade to reveal new, dewy skin. It also removes peach fuzz that will aid in a flawless make up application. A custom corrective serum, hydrojelly mask and LED light therapy added to give your skin an added glowing boost.

Skin Concerns: Peach fuzz, ideal pre-special occasion facial, dull skin



Reduce the appearance of sun spots and lighten uneven skin tone with this brightening treatment. A skin brightening enzyme is used to exfoliate and refresh the skin. Corrective serum and peptides to reduce pigmentation is nano needled into the skin. LED light therapy and brightening mask is applied to lighten and brighten uneven skintone.

Skin Concerns: Sun/age spots, uneven skintone


Eliminate acne and reduce future breakouts with this anti acne treatment. This treatment focuses on calming existing breakouts and prepping the skin for extracting congestion. Galvanic current, high frequency, LED light therapy and specialized acne masks are applied to soothe inflamed breakouts, kill acne bacteria and prevent future breakouts.

Skin Concerns: Inflamed cystic acne, mild to heavy congestion



This skin quenching treatment hydrates and soothes dry and dehydrated skin bringing it to a balanced glow. A hydrating soothing gel mask is applied while sonophoresis infuses hydrating serums into the skin. Peptides that bind moisture to the skin is then nano infused. LED therapy and a hydrating mask is applied to promote collagen production and soothe the skin.

Skin Concerns: rosacea, irritated, sensitive, dry, dehydrated


Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this collagen regenerating anti aging treatment. Peptides that encourage collagen production and halts the formation of wrinkles is nano infused into the skin. An anti aging serum infused mask is applied along with Radio Frequency to firm and plump out any existing lines while further encouraging collagen production. This revitalizing treatment is finished off with LED light therapy to give a youthful glow.

Skin Concerns: Aging skin, age prevention, fine lines and wrinkles